Reimagine What’s Possible

From captivating animal sculptures made of metal and aluminum to privacy screens, urban art and anything else you can imagine, our team of craftsmen will bring your vision to life.

Bespoke Artworks

Fantastic works of art are likely going to be one of the biggest investments you will make in your space decor so you should connect with it in a big way, it should make you feel something, be an inspiration to you…after all, you are going to beliving with it for many, many years to come. We specialize in procuring artwork for both corporate and private collectors, as well as collaborating with interior designers. These services meet the needs of everyone, from the first-time collector to the most sophisticated of clients.

Residential & Corporate Installation

Original art can totally change the feeling of a room. A well-placed artwork can pull together all the other furniture and elements in the room or make a statement all on its own. Owning an original artwork it’s a great way to add a bit of personality to a space.

Casting Your Story

Every statue we make is unique to the client. As a result, so is the way we work hand in hand with the client to design, craft, finish, and deliver. A one-on-one collaboration during the entire process. From luxury villas to commercial statues, the personal memorials to the corporate sculptural artwork realized–we deliver a sculpture that generations can see, touch, and will serve as a remembrance forever!


Each sculpture can be customized to your exact requirement including size, colors, composition, and style. We can also create bespoke sculptures for your space.

Commissioning a Statue

We offer one on one personalized service throughout the entire process. After all, we realize that commissioning a statue is personal–something that evokes memories, emotions, and passion. We are here to help guide you and collaborate with you. The end result is not just a sculpture, but a skillfully crafted memory cast in Metal.

Let's Shape Something Beautiful:

We know that all projects are unique; we are interested in making connections and believe every project begins with finding common ground to reach the best solution to achieve your objectives.

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