Our team of designers, visionaries, craftspeople, and storytellers are artisans who care about and understand the creative process. Using our skills, knowledge, and expertise, we take on the ideas of, architects, developers, and other creatives to transform their dreams into reality.

Through our collaborative efforts, we meticulously craft and refine ideas, leveraging our collective expertise to breathe life into ambitious projects.


A breathtaking outdoor space crafted with extraordinary art and landscape design. Ahadi Sharifi Studio works with corporate clients, individuals, and artists to create the ideal landscape. We produce unique, artistic, and beautiful legacies.

Sculpture in the Landscape

We are a total service, outdoor art consulting and resource company designed to work with designers, owners, and agencies. We believe more companies, developers, institutions, municipalities, and individuals would acquire outdoor art if the process was simple and all-inclusive, and a fundamental confidence in the outcome could be achieved.

Our Goal

Sculpture in the Landscape endeavors to increase both the quality and the quantity of outdoor art and to ensure that it flourishes in just the right space. In doing so, Sculpture in the Landscape enhances the art, its surroundings, and the lives of all who experience each Sculpture in the Landscape.

Let's Shape Something Beautiful:

We know that all projects are unique; we are interested in making connections and believe every project begins with finding common ground to reach the best solution to achieve your objectives.

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