“Dancing Girl” is a captivating sculpture that embodies the essence of the Vanishing Sliced Sculpture style. Crafted meticulously from aluminum, this piece explores the dynamic interplay between form and void, capturing the fluidity and grace of a dancing figure.

Through the deliberate slicing technique employed in this sculpture, we aim to evoke a sense of movement frozen in time. The carefully carved sections create an illusion of weightlessness as if the dancer is effortlessly gliding through space. The negative spaces within the sculpture not only enhance its visual appeal but also invite viewers to engage with their own interpretations and perceptions.

The choice of aluminum as our material adds a contemporary touch to this traditional art form. Its sleek and reflective surface enhances the play of light and shadow, further accentuating the sculpture’s dynamic composition. This juxtaposition between traditional craftsmanship and modern materials creates a unique dialogue between past and present.

“Dancing Girl” invites viewers to immerse themselves in its captivating presence, encouraging contemplation on themes of movement, beauty, and human expression. It is our hope that this sculpture sparks joy, curiosity, and appreciation for both the art form itself a

Work summary


Dancing Girl






H: 170cm W: 65cm



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