we were inspired by the power of the gorilla, and we wanted to capture that essence in our latest creation. “Enraged Kong” is a larger-than-life sculpture that exudes raw energy and passion. The use of iron as the material is a deliberate choice to symbolize the resilience and durability of this majestic creature.

The fiery red color of the statue is an expression of the intense emotions that gorillas can convey, from anger to passion, and everything in between. The name “Enraged Kong” reflects the primal and ferocious nature of this sculpture, as if the gorilla has been unleashed from within.

The polygonal low-poly style that I employed in this artwork adds an element of modernity to the traditional form of sculpting. It allows us to create a contemporary and unique interpretation of the gorilla, while still preserving its essence and spirit.

In creating “Enraged Kong,” we wanted to evoke a sense of awe and wonder in the viewer. I hope that this sculpture will serve as a reminder of the magnificence of these creatures and the importance of protecting them and their habitats.

Work summary






Geometric Polygonal


H: 65cm W: 125cm L: 40cm



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