“Sculpture titled ‘Headphones DJ'” is a harmonious convergence of our passion for polygonal geometry and the malleable allure of metal. This piece pays homage to the transformative power of music and the iconic symbol of the modern DJ.

With meticulous precision, we’ve shaped metal into a symphony of angles and planes, forming the unmistakable silhouette of headphones. Each facet resonates with the rhythm and pulse of music, while the interplay of geometric forms creates a dynamic visual melody, capturing the essence of sonic immersion.

Metal, our chosen medium, serves as both canvas and conduit, embodying the durability and resonance inherent in music itself. The play of light across the metallic surface adds depth and texture, imbuing the sculpture with a palpable sense of sonic vibration.

“Headphones DJ” invites viewers to engage with the sculpture on both a visual and auditory level, evoking a sense of connection to the transformative power of music. The geometric base, meticulously designed to complement the sculpture’s form, provides a stable foundation, mirroring the equilibrium between form and function.

This sculpture is an exploration of the intersection between art and sound, where geometry breathes life into an emblematic symbol of contemporary culture. Through our collective vision, we unveil the hidden rhythms that underscore our sonic experiences, inviting viewers to perceive the inherent beauty in every line and intersection.

With “Headphones DJ,” we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the profound impact of music in our lives. It is our hope that this sculpture resonates with viewers, evoking an acknowledgment of the universal language that transcends boundaries and unites us through sound.

In crafting this sculpture, we celebrate not only the artistry of our craft but also the enduring legacy of music as a source of inspiration and connection. “Headphones DJ” stands as a tribute to the transformative power of music and a testament to the transcendent potential of collaborative artistic expression.

Work summary


Headphones DJ: A Geometric Sonata in Metal




Geometric Polygonal


H: 240cm W: 192cm L: 100cm



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