“Geometric Guardian: The Noble Doberman” is the culmination of our shared passion for polygonal geometry and the timeless allure of metalwork. This sculpture is a tribute to the Doberman, a breed renowned for its loyalty, intelligence, and dignified presence.

With meticulous precision, we have translated the distinctive traits of the Doberman into a geometric form. Each facet and angle embodies the breed’s characteristic alertness and strength, while the flowing lines evoke a sense of grace and poise. The juxtaposition of these elements creates a dynamic visual experience, capturing the essence of the Doberman’s multi-faceted personality.

The choice of metal as our medium allows us to convey not only the Doberman’s physical robustness but also its enduring spirit. The interplay of light across the metallic surface imparts a sense of vitality and depth, breathing life into the sculpture.

Seated in a posture of watchful vigilance, the Doberman exudes a sense of quiet authority. The geometric base, thoughtfully designed to complement the sculpture’s form, provides a stable foundation, mirroring the balance of strength and stability that defines the breed.

“Geometric Guardian” is a testament to the interplay between art and nature, where geometry brings forth the organic form in a unique and captivating manner. Through our collaborative vision, we seek to reveal the hidden geometry that underlies the world around us, inviting viewers to perceive the inherent beauty in every line and angle.

With “Geometric Guardian: The Noble Doberman,” we aim to inspire a deeper connection to the profound bonds between humans and their animal companions. It is our hope that this sculpture resonates with viewers, evoking a recognition of the enduring loyalty, intelligence, and grace that define the noble Doberman.

In creating this sculpture, we celebrate not only the artistry of our craft but also the enduring legacy of the Doberman. “Geometric Guardian” stands as a tribute to the timeless connection between humans and animals that enrich our lives and a testament to the power of collaborative artistic expression.

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Geometric Guardian: The Noble Doberman




Geometric Polygonal


H: 110cm W: 86cm L: 39cm



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