“The Panther’s Descent” is a symphony of polygonal precision and metallic mastery, a testament to our shared devotion to the geometric aesthetic. This sculpture reveres the panther, a symbol of stealth, strength, and untamed allure.

In crafting this piece, we intricately etched the panther’s essence onto a canvas of angles and planes. Each facet pulses with feline grace and potent dynamism, while the interplay of geometric elements ignites a visual crescendo, echoing the panther’s instinctual prowess.

Metal, our chosen medium, channel the panther’s enduring vigor and indomitable spirit. Light dances across the metallic canvas, breathing life into the sculpture, making palpable the heartbeat of the wild.

Balanced on a rocky precipice, the panther descends with purpose and poise. The geometric base, meticulously designed to harmonize with the sculpture’s form, offers both grounding and a seamless visual narrative, mirroring the symbiosis of power and precision embodied by the panther.

“Panther’s Descent” is an expedition into the marriage of organic grace and crystalline structure, where polygons are the breath of life for the natural form. Through our collective vision, we unveil the hidden rhythms that choreograph the world’s symphony, inviting viewers to discover the inherent beauty in every line and intersection.

With “The Panther’s Descent,” we endeavor to kindle a profound connection to the wild, captivating spirit of the panther. It is our fervent desire that this sculpture resonates with viewers, prompting an acknowledgment of the enduring majesty, stealth, and grace that define this extraordinary creature.

In giving birth to this sculpture, we extol not only the craft itself but also the timeless legacy of the panther. “Panther’s Descent” stands as a tribute to the enchanting coalescence of humanity and the wild and a testament to the metamorphic power of collaborative artistic expression.

Work summary


The Panther's Descent




Geometric Polygonal


H: 170cm W: 62cm L: 178cm



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